Asphalt Milling

Asphalt Milling Services

Goltz Asphalt offers a full service milling operation including:

  • Asphalt milling
  • Trucking off-site
  • Cleanup of milling debris
  • Recycling and or disposal of debris

An affordable Solution

Asphalt milling is a process of cold planing the existing asphalt surface. Our milling machine is versatile enough to do pavement repairs on light-duty parking lots, long trenches for utility installations (which eliminates the need for a sawcut), and full width milling of arterial streets. We are able to load out the millings via a conveyer or leave them in place.


Is Milling Right For you?

Our reputation in both residential and commercial asphalt paving services is one of which are proud. We are members of the BBB with an A+ rating. We have provided quality service to Colorado and Wyoming for over 26 years. We would love to prove our work quality to you – please let us know how we may be of assistance to you.

Proven track record

Goltz Asphalt Company paves schools, office parking lots, streets, patching and paving for municipalities, HOAs and more.

Goltz Asphalt Company

BBB Member with A+ Rating License, Bonded, Insured Over 26 years in the business Serving Colorado and Wyoming