Asphalt Milling Services

Paved driveways are an excellent and affordable choice when it comes to parking your car. Unpaved dirt or rock driveways can become rather muddy and rutted – especially in the Colorado winters. After rainy or snowy weather conditions, the Colorado clay and red dirt ground is left moist and vulnerable. Cars may get stuck in the mud and leave unsightly tire treads in the yard.

Paved driveways keep cars from tearing up your yard. They eliminate the chance of becoming stuck in mud on a rainy day and make snowy days easier to get through. They also reduce the amount of dirt and mud that come into your home as well as the amount of mud on your shoes and clothing. Pets also reap the benefits of a mud-free environment, as well as your carpets!


Choosing Driveway Products

The durability, appeal and maintenance of your driveway should all be considered when choosing a paved product. Goltz Asphalt can assist you with the right option for your residence and may assist you in the design, structurally and visually.


Quality Begins with Structure

A solid paved driveway begins with proper draining, removal and prevention of vegetation as well as the quality of pavement installed. The lasting quality of your driveway depends on the structure as well as proper maintenance.

See the asphalt maintenance guide for more info.

Proven track record

Goltz Asphalt Company paves schools, office parking lots, streets, patching and paving for municipalities, HOAs and more.

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