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Goltz Asphalt Company
Dave - Brian - Chad - Gary - and all the crew

Thank you for the professinal job. All employees were very courteous - and were concerned about our customers well being. You guys have good equipment and you know how to operate them. Stayed until the job was done. Very well organized operation.

End results look great. We are very pleased.

Len and Jan Snyder managers
Gary and Linda Bonnett managers
Dakota Ridge RV Park
Essential Group Management LLC


On behalf of the entire Board of Directors of the Ridge,

I want to thank you for what could only be described as an outstanding job on our roads. We know very well that there were some unforeseen 'glitches' along the way but these were resolved with open, frank discussion and cooperation.

As the Ridge resident selected to oversee the project, I was continuously impressed with the willingness of your people to listen to our concerns, make adjustments to plans as necessary, and deal courteously with someone who, quite honestly, doesn't know the difference between asphalt and alligators!

We have the Ridge roads on a five year maintenance cycle: we crack seal every year and sealcoat every five. We would like to continue our relationship with Goltz and will certainly offer you a chance to participate in next year's crack sealing operation.

On a personal note, I invite you to use The Ridge, and me personally, as references as you do business within the community. Your excellent rating with the Better Business Bureau is well deserved and we'd appreciate the opportunity to tell others how pleased we were with your professionalism. Most importantly, please pass our thoughts and thanks on to all of the guys and gals who made this project the success that it was!

Bob Browning

Dave and Tom:

A letter of appreciation for the quality of job at the Estes Park Golf Course. The patching and crack repair have held up very well. The seal job was clean and a nice even coat of sealer applied. The new section of asphalt is looking great. It was the first time using your company and we are very happy with the result. We look forward to working with you in the future."

Rick O'Dell
Superintedent of Golf
Estes Valley Recreation and Park District


We are so pleased with the work that your company has done. Our parking lot looks wonderful. Your crew did a fine job with the patchwork, the infrared and crack-filling. And, you were right about using the squeegee method instead of spraying on the sealcoat. There is a beautiful thick coat of sealcoating on our lot that we know will last for many years and save us money in the long run.

I am especially grateful to you for your willingness to work with us with our scheduling restrictions. We did not want to close down our resort and risk such a loss of revenue. You were so cooperative and accommodating, which made it possible to keep our busy resport open to our guests and yet get this important job done with efficiency.

Once again, your crew was terrific. We are very pleased with the care they took in "cutting in" around our cement sidewalks. The extra care that they took has make our property look just like news.

Please feel free to have any of your potential clients call us for a reference. We will be happy to sing your praises!

Thank you and best regards,

April McNamara
River Stone and Bear Paw Resorts

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