Goltz Asphalt Company

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Site Preparation

Lasting Asphalt Begins with Site Preparation

Our grading crews understand the intricate aspects of preparing your site for paving, resulting in a project that you will assuredly be very happy with. Asphalt paving projects demand tighter tolerances than an area that will have grass or landscaping installed because base stone thickness as well as adequate and uniform pitch are of critical importance.

Grading of the area is performed as necessary to establish desired grade and drainage. If necessary, an aggregate base course (ABC) is placed and compacted.

Structure is Key to Durability

The foundation of your asphalt project is imperitive to the lasting quality of your paved product. Beginning with grade and slope, your project should be prepared correctly. Proper drainage prevents premature asphalt aging such as alligatoring, cracks and low spots. Consider Goltz for your site preparation needs to make sure the job is done correctly.

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