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Sealcoat on your asphalt paving is a preventive measure to help protect your asphalt paving investment. The harsh effects of gas, oil, salt, and sun oxidation will deteriorate your asphalt over time. Asphalt Sealing also beautifies your property's overall appearance.

The Goltz Technique

Goltz Asphalt prefers to use a mechanically squeegee applied, oil based, mineral filled, emulsified asphalt paving sealer. We are one of the few companies in Northern Colorado that offers a 100% emulsified asphalt paving sealcoat that is mechanically squeegee applied onto the asphalt pavement..

Sealcoat FAQ's

Goltz Asphalt Estimates

A Goltz Asphalt representative can assist you with your paving project whether you are looking to handle a small residential project such as a driveway or bike path, or larger commercial projects such as parking lots, cul de sacs, roads and more.

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