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Asphalt Maintenance Services

Crack Sealing

Cracks are the most common maintenance issue. Cracks come from shifting earth beneath from water seepage, tree root growth, wearing and more. In Colorado, water and ice can seep into cracks, which makes the damage worse over time. Crack sealing prevents future damage and extends the life of your paved product.


Wear and tear on an asphalt surface combined with the sun's UV rays turn asphalt to a shade of gray. The process of fading is actually the oils leaving the asphalt, which is the protective coat that protects asphalt from the elements. Sealcoating usually lasts 3-5 years and must be reapplied to ensure lasting durability of any asphalt product.

Parking Lot Striping

Once your parking lot is paved, patched, milled or sealcoated, Goltz Asphalt Company can complete your job with parking lot striping. Contact us for more information or to bid your specific project.

Goltz Asphalt Estimates

A Goltz Asphalt representative can assist you with your paving project whether you are looking to handle a small residential project such as a driveway or bike path, or larger commercial projects such as parking lots, cul de sacs, roads and more.

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