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Asphalt Overlay

Aesthetically Pleasing, Structurally Sound

An overlay adds structural capacity, riding comfort and skid resistance, which adds to the good look and safety. New overlays are aesthetically pleasing, as well as structurally sound and cost efficient.

What is an Asphalt Overlay?

A standard asphalt paving overlay consists of a new layer of asphalt applied over the existing asphalt surface. The thickness of an overlay is typically 2 inches, but type and amount of traffic as well as individual customer's needs are also considered. The existing asphalt paving surface may be milled if grades need to be maintained or altered, or a fabric may need to be applied to ensure maximum results from the overlay.

Is Overlay Right For You?

If your project has a stable base stone course, the asphalt is basically structurally sound, and water drainage (pitch) poses no particular problems, it should be a candidate for overlay.

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