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Asphalt Milling

An Affordable Solution

Asphalt milling is a process of cold planing the existing asphalt
. Our milling machine is versatile enough to do pavement repairs on light-duty parking lots, long trenches for utility installations (which eliminates the need for a sawcut), and full width milling of arterial streets. We are able to load out the millings via a conveyer or leave them in place.

Goltz Asphalt offers a full service milling operation including:

  • Asphalt milling
  • Trucking off-site
  • Cleanup of milling debris
  • Recycling and or disposal of debris

Is Milling Right For You?

Goltz's expert representatives will provide recommendations and options for your project for the most cost effective solution.

A Goltz Asphalt representative can provide you with options for your project. Contact us for a free estimate.

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